Lockdown Tales

Best-selling author Neal Asher was far from idle during the isolation of lockdown; he kept himself occupied in the best way possible: he wrote. And his imagination was clearly in overdrive. Five brand new novellas and novelettes and one novella reworked and expanded from a story first published in 2019. Together, they form Lockdown Tales, exploring the latter days of the Polity universe and beyond. What lies in wait for humanity after the Polity has gone?
Six stories, 150,000 words of fiction that crackle with energy, invention and excitement. Within their pages you will encounter prador, hoopers, sassy A.I.s,  resurrected Golem, a mutated giant whelk that can ravage an island, hooders, megalomaniacs, war drones, Penny Royal, an intriguing sfnal take on High Planes Drifter and another with echoes of Robinson Crusoe... In fact, everything you might expect from concentrated Neal Asher and more.
Lockdown Tales: An introduction
The Relict
Monitor Logan
Bad Boy
Dr. Whip
Raising Moloch
Available as an A5 paperback and a numbered limited edition hardback signed by the author.

Owning the Future

Short Story Collection

I have a varied collection of short stories in my files and, of course, the temptation is there to dump them on Kindle, take the money and run. However, though I think some of them are great, some aren’t, and some are profoundly dated. I am aware that there are those out there, who will just buy these without a second thought, so I have to edit, be selective, and I damned well have to show some respect for my readers. Kindle in this respect can be a danger for a known writer, because you can publish any old twaddle and someone will buy it. Time and again, I’ve had fans, upon hearing that I have this and that unpublished in my files, demanding that I publish it at once because surely they’ll love it. No they won’t. A reputation like trust: difficult to build and easy to destroy. I’ve therefore chosen stories other people have published here and there, and filled in with those I really think someone should have published. Here you’ll find some Polity tales, some that could have been set in the Polity (at a stretch) and some from the bleak Owner universe. Enjoy! Neal Asher 04/06/18


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The Gabble

And other stories

'What has six arms, a large beak, looks like a pyramid, has more eyes than you'd expect and talks nonsense? If you don't know the answer to that, then 1) you should and 2) you haven't been reading Neal Asher (see point 1)' Jon Courtenay Grimwood

In the eight years since his first full-length novel Gridlinked was published by Pan Macmillan, Neal Asher has firmly established himself as one of the leading British writers of Science Fiction, and his novels are now translated in many languages. Most of his stories are set in a galactic future-scape called 'The Polity', and with this collection of marvellously inventive and action-packed short stories, he takes us further into the manifold diversities of that amazing universe.

No one does monsters better than Neal Asher, so be prepared to revisit the lives and lifestyles of such favourites as the gabbleduck and the hooder, to savour alien poisons, the walking dead, the Sea of Death, and the putrefactor symbiont.

Publisher: Tor
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Reviews:on BBC Focus:

'economical, crisp and frequently fiendishly clever. The stories featuring...dangerous aliens who `speak' in a nonsensical language, are particularly impressive'

on Green Man Review:

'Excellent, all of it well-worth reading. If you haven't yet read your way through this series, I envy you; if you have, go get your copy of The Gabble and Other Stories right now before it sells out in hardcover!'

on The Guardian:

Fans of Asher's Polity future history will not be disappointed.

on Sci-Fi-London:

For the established fan this collection makes a great addition and fills out some the Polity universe you've come to know and love. For the newcomer to Neal Asher, you've a treat in store as this will serve as a nice introduction to his work and a neat signpost as to what part of Asher's universe to read next.

on SciFiNow:

If you've never sampled the delights of Asher's work then this collection would be a very good place to start.

on Fantasy Book Critic:

Thirteen marvellously inventive and action-packed short stories.

Foreign and old covers:

Runcible Tales

Runcible Tales


Always with you - Webster engages on a mission to destroy a Prador planet breaker. It helps if you have Horace Blegg on your side, and an internal medic, but are these enough to overcome overwhelming odds?

Blue Holes and Bloody Waters - marine biologist Karl finds that humans haven't quite adapted enough - or have they? Features the first mention of the retro Anti-Grav cars featured in “Gridlinked” that I have come across

Dragon in the Flower - Ian Cormac's first encounter with Dragon - this is printed word-for-word in “Gridlinked”, so this should be the Runcible Tale most familiar to Neal Asher readers

The Gire and the Bibrat - Telepath John Tennyson is given more than a helping hand by Agent Prime Cause in his search for the location of a scream

Walking John and Bird - John Walker consults Horace Blegg and Dragon with questions concerning his link with Bird, a seemingly invincible entity. Trouble is, especially where Dragon is concerned, he may not like the answers.


Publisher: Pipers' Ash Ltd

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The Engineer Reconditioned

The Engineer (a novella) and the short stories Snairls, Spatterjay, Jable sharks, The Thrake, Proctors, and The Owner.

Mysterious aliens ... ruthless terrorists ... androids with attitude ...genetic manipulation ... punch-ups with lasers ... giant spaceships ... what more do you want?

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Reviews:Rick Kleffel on Trashotron wrote:

There are any number of reasons to buy 'The Engineer Reconditioned'. If you've not yet read Asher, and think that you want to test the waters, this is a great way to do so. If you already own the original copy, you can get this one simply for Asher's intros and the three new stories. And again, if you own the original, you can get this one in hardcover because, well, you must have hardcover copies where available.

SFX wrote:

‘A thought-provoking operatic romp’

Genre wrote:

‘This is an astonishing collection of stories’

Dragon's Breath wrote:

‘Ambiguous plot and crown style. No Trek morals here’

Borders wrote:

‘Asher will soon become better known outside his native land’

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image001 (3) The Engineer Reconditioned

Africa Zero

Published by Wildside Press

The novellas Africa Zero and The Army of God and the Sauraman in one book, ISBN 1-58715-447-1, Print on demand, one and a half months from August, £12.00 or $15.00. Also obtainable on Amazon.co.uk

The Collector rampages across a far future Africa populated with gene-spliced vampires, resurrected mammoth, and nutters with APWs. But being the bastard offspring of Bruce Willis and the Terminator he can handle it.

Africa Zero first published (serialized) in Threads (First rung Publications) issues 4, 5 & 6 in '94.

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