Jupiter War

Trapped on the surface of Mars, Saul and his sister Var must find a way to return to Argus Station, but the new base commander, Rhone, stands in their way. Saul wants to pursue his dreams, turning the Argus Station into an interstellar vessel, rebuilding it and weapons, and leaving the solar system.

Meanwhile, Alex, the clone of Alessandro Messina, watches those around him change as they become ‘chipped’ and able to control station robots. Immortality lies within their grasp, yet rebellion is brewing, and Alex’s old bloody skills might be required.

Injured and dying aboard the Scourge, after its brush with Argus Station’s warp field, Captain Scotonis is determined to have his revenge on Serene Galahad for killing his family with the Scour. Clay Ruger, however, is equally as determined to survive. Perhaps the gene bank data aboard can be used to buy a pardon and, perhaps, someone else more murderous that him has chosen that course.

Bitter at allowing Saul to escape her grasp, Serene Galahad wreaks her vengeance on her tacticians, but it is not enough and she needs to be where the action is. In the Mars Traveller construction station in Earth orbit Professor Calder is building the ships that might be able to catch Saul, and the weapons to stop him…



Publisher: Tor

American cover:

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Old UK cover:

Jupiter War