The Engineer Reconditioned

The Engineer (a novella) and the short stories Snairls, Spatterjay, Jable sharks, The Thrake, Proctors, and The Owner.

Mysterious aliens ... ruthless terrorists ... androids with attitude ...genetic manipulation ... punch-ups with lasers ... giant spaceships ... what more do you want?

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Reviews:Rick Kleffel on Trashotron wrote:

There are any number of reasons to buy 'The Engineer Reconditioned'. If you've not yet read Asher, and think that you want to test the waters, this is a great way to do so. If you already own the original copy, you can get this one simply for Asher's intros and the three new stories. And again, if you own the original, you can get this one in hardcover because, well, you must have hardcover copies where available.

SFX wrote:

‘A thought-provoking operatic romp’

Genre wrote:

‘This is an astonishing collection of stories’

Dragon's Breath wrote:

‘Ambiguous plot and crown style. No Trek morals here’

Borders wrote:

‘Asher will soon become better known outside his native land’

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image001 (3) The Engineer Reconditioned