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Interviewed by Kevin Patrick Mahoney in 1998, so before I was taken on by Macmillan.

John Berlyne SFRevu in 2001

Lisa DuMond SF Site March 2001

This is an Sfsite interview with Sandy Auden in (maybe) 2002

Rick Kleffel ‘Agony Column’ May 2002

With Duncan Lawie at The Quart Pot. This was face to face with a tape recorder running. This was in 2003

Paul Kane 2003

John Jarrold ‘Infinity Plus’ January 2005

Jyoti Mishra ‘Bzangy Groink’ September 2005

This one was with Mark or ‘Hobbit’ at sffworld in February 2006

Mike Collins ‘Your Mom’s Basement’ April 2006

Interviewed by Fantasy Book Critic in March 2007

Chris Schwarzkopf ‘Tooth & Claw’ November 2007

SF Crow’s Nest May 2008

Live for Films December 2008

Creative Writing Help 2009

Douglas Cobb ‘Boom Tron’ January 2010

The Mad Hatter April 2010

SFFNews September 2010 ‘8 Crappy Questions’

Gav Reads October 2010

Interviewed by K J Mulder on Worlds in Ink in November 2011.

Douglas R Cobb December 2011


Straylight Magazine in March 2010

Dragon Page Cover to cover podcast February 2007



Sci-Fi London December 2008