TV Scripts

I have also written some TV scripts…


(Running time: Three one-hour episodes)

The people and the animals of Fermlow are often afflicted with the same triangular birthmark: the trine. Perhaps this is connected with something that lurks under the Fermwood as it has for millennia. Maybe a mobster with a briefcase atomic can drive it out.

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The Executioner’s Lie

(Running time: One hour)

 Capital punishment has been brought back in all its forms and is shown on prime time TV. Executioners are stars and crimes are as difficult to solve as they ever were.

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Woodstock’s Rats

(Running time: One hour)

This is a play about a hit man who has reached the peak of his profession and is in semi-retirement, taking only those jobs he feels he wants to do. His lifestyle now is a little strange, it being his inclination to hire a prostitute for three months each year. He hates amateurs. This time the prostitute he employs has a pimp who is a violent all-rounder in the criminal fraternity. The pimp plans to either blackmail or rob the hit man. The comedy here revolves mainly around Woodstock, the gardener, and his war on the local rodent population, a war in which the pimp’s plans become horribly entangled to bring about the ending. It involves dynamite.

Other TV stuff

I have also written a play about lunatic cultists on top of the Millennium Dome, and one episode of a sitcom ‘Maisonette’.