Short Stories

Short Stories.

ANOTHER ENGLAND: Back Brain Recluse 14 (Autumn ’89) and subsequently translated by Christian Vallini for Cuenta Cero or Acronos in Argentina.

OUT OF THE LEAF-LIGHT: Nova SF 3 (Winter ’90). Profits from this issue of the magazine went to Greenpeace.

DEATH, THE PILOT, & THE DIAMOND: Works 10 (’95).

THE GIRE & THE BIBRAT: Premonitions1 (Winter ’92), the forerunner to The Zone from Tony Lee at Pigasus Press. Now forms part of the collection Runcible Tales from Piper’s Ash.

MASON’S RATS (I, II & III): The first two were published in issues 2 & 4 respectively of Orion (’92 & ’94). All three stories have now been released as a booklet by Graeme Hurry’s Kimota. Check their website or some of the online bookstores. The first story republished in Asimov’s.

MARIE & THE WITCHFINDER: Issue 13 Dementia 13 (’94)

THE GREAT AFRICAN VAMPIRE: Premonitions 2 (’92) then in issue 24 (Summer ’96) of the journal of the British vampyre society The Velvet Vampire. You can now find it on the Threads website as it is the forerunner to the novella Africa Zero published by Cosmos Books.

THE THRAKE: Fiction Furnace 3 (Summer ’93) Hyperbook Publishing. The Engineer collection from Tanjen (1998). Hadrosaur Tales 16 (2003). And now The Engineer Reconditioned from Cosmos Books.

WOODSMITH: Threads 1 (’93) Geoff Lynas’s First Rung Publications.

STINGING THINGS: Grotesque 4 (’94) Voted best in the issue of David Logan’s Mag.

ADAPTOGENIC: Threads 2 (Jan ’92). Also to be found on Infinity Plus.

BLUE HOLES & BLOODY WATERS: Threads 3 (April ’94) and now part of Runcible Tales.

THE FLAME: Alternaties 19 (Sept ’94)

STONES OF STRAW: Threads 13 (Feb ’97)  

CAVEFISH: The Third Alternative 5 (Winter ’94) 

OCEANA FOODS: Grotesque 7 (’94)    

ALWAYS WITH YOU: The Zone 5 (Summer ’96) Tony Lee’s Pigasus Press. And now part of Runcible Tales.

WALKING JOHN AND BIRD: Included in Runcible Tales from Piper’s Ash.

THE BACON: Threads 10 (April ’96)

JABLE SHARKS: Story Cellar 5 (’95) Subsequently released as part of The Engineer collection published by Tanjen. Check their website and the online bookstores. Check out the reviews on the Kimota and Borders websites. Now included in The Engineer Reconditioned from Cosmos Books.

SPATTERJAY: Grotesque 8 (’95) Another one in The Engineer collection and now in The Engineer Reconditioned.

JACK O’GRAVESTONES: Story Cellar 5 (’95)

SNAIRLS: Grotesque 10 (’95) In that The Engineer collection again and The Engineer Reconditioned.


ALTERNATIVE HOSPITAL: Kimota . Excellent website. Have a look!

DRAGON IN THE FLOWER: Night Dreams 6 (Nov ’96) Subsequently published in Hadrosaur Tales in the USA (Nov ’98). Forms part of Runcible Tales, and also appears in Gridlinked.

PROCTORS: Included in The Engineer from Tanjen and now to appear in The Engineer Reconditionedfrom Cosmos Books.

THE OWNER: Included in The Engineer from Tanjen and now to appear in The Engineer Reconditionedfrom Cosmos Books.

THE GURNARD: The first part of this story was published in issue 8 of Night Dreams before it folded. Graeme Hurry then took it on and published the lot in Kimota 10 (’98). It will now form part of The Engineer Reconditioned collection published by Cosmos Books.

SUCKER: Sackcloth & Ashes 4 (June’99)

PUTREFACTORS: Zest 7 (’99)

THE TORBEAST’S PRISON: Kimota 13 (Autumn 2000) Now to form part of The Engineer Reconditioned collection from Cosmos Books.

CHOUDAPT: Sci-fright

THE BERSERKER CAPTAIN: Strange Pleasures (collection 2001) edited by Sean Wallace – Cosmos Books. 

ARTIFICIAL: The Zone No9 (Summer 2000).

TIGER TIGER: Kimota and now to form part of The Engineer Reconditioned collection from Cosmos Books.

THE SEA OF DEATH: Interzone 169 (July 2001). Also to be found on the Dusk Site.

WATCH CRAB: (4460 words) Large crab eats villains, and some other stuff. Published on Rick Kleffel’s site: 

PLASTIPAK (2523 words) Be amazed at what the plastics industry can produce. Published in issue one of Terror Tales, edited by Paul Kane and John B Ford (August 2003 – Rainfall Books).

SCAR TISSUE: (7853) Bailey seeks vengeance for the death of his wife. A military format nanomycelium comes in handy. Published in Shadow Writers (Volume Two) edited by Paul Kane.

THE VETERAN (5000 words) He was said to be a survivor of wars between the dense-tech humans. This was confirmed for Cheel when she saw him take off his face. Asimov’s vol. 28 no. 6 (June 2004). Also published in Japanes publisher Hayakawa’s SF Magazine, May 2005 issue, sold on March 25.

STROOD (5401) They aliens have arrived, and they want their dinner… Asimov’s vol. 28 no. 12 (Dec 2004). To be published in David G Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction #10. And to be published in translation in ESLI (IF), the eldest SF periodical in Russia.

ACEPHALOUS DREAMS (6961 words) Having a Csorian node implanted is obviously preferable to going to the disintegrator, isn’t it? To be published in Adventure (anthology — MonkeyBrain imprint)

SOFTLY SPOKE THE GABBLEDUCK (9123 words) When you go after such a mythical beast in sheq country, be sure you remain the hunter, not the hunted. Published in Asimov’s, August 2005, vol 29 No 8.

LAURA’S KNOT: (1272 words) Grief tangled in string. Published in Scheherazade 28, Nov 2005.

THE GABBLE: (12925) Polity taxonomists come to the planet Masada to unravel the secrets of the gabble, the gabbleducks, and the hooders… Published in Asimov’s March 2006.

GARP & GERONAMID: (11,370 words) Garp is a reification – a high-tech zombie – and Geronamid is an AI implanted in the skull of that ‘one ton ambush predator’ an allosaur. Neither of them enemies you would like. Published in Interzone 199.

THE HALFMAN’S CELLAR: Received ‘honourable mention’ in the Writers of the future contest in ’91. Was published in Elizabeth Counihan’s Scheherazade issues 13 & 14 in ’94.

SNOW IN THE DESERT: (11,000 words) Snow is an albino, immortal, very dangerous, and someone wants his bollocks. Spectrum SF 8 (2002), David G Hartwell’s & Kathryn Cramer’s Year’s Best SF 8 (June 2003), and to be published in the Czech SF magazine Ikarie.

BAD TRAVELLING: (5983) An unwelcome guest onboard looks upon the crew as a moveable feast … so to speak. Set on the seas of  ‘Jable Sharks’.