Ah I see the cover for Brass Man is up on amazon.com, but sadly it’s not out in America until January, and sadly The Line of Polity isn’t coming out there (yet?).

Interesting day, in the Chinese sense of ‘interesting times’. I sat down to write some more chapter starts for Hilldiggers only to receive a phonecall from my mother informing me she had called an ambulance for my father. He was coughing up blood, amongst other unpleasant symptoms, and he’s only just come out of hospital where they were filling him up with the stuff. We went over there to find the paramedic working on him, then when the ambulance picked him up we followed that to the hospital, where we waited expecting the end. It didn’t arrive – more blood, drugs, treatment. Thus far he’s had a stent put in for a bile duct blockage, that followed by chemo for the tumours (lung and pancreas) that led to that blockage, followed by shingles and a skin infection … it’s been going on for some months now. I now intend to get completely and utterly slaughtered.

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  1. Hope your father's health improves…

    On the book note – I didn't feel like waiting for the books to be released in America. I ordered Brass Man and Line of Polity from Amazon UK, and a friend brought me Voyage of the Sable Keech from Australia. All excellent!

  2. With this news and DGs death, this sounds like a trully shitty day.

    On a better note .. the Brassman cover is nice.


  3. Shadesong, the average is one year for pancreatic cancer and two years for lung cancer. Maybe a short term improvement, but there won't be a long term.

    Kirby, cheers.

    Of course you met my dad … or rather got drunk in the same pub as him when you should have been home doing the vacuuming.

  4. Neal,

    You are absolutely correct, I had forgotten that I met all your family in the pub that afternoon.


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