Ah, so Princess Margaret’s tiara was bought by a female buyer who flew in from China. What’s the betting she is either the wife of a party official or one herself – a Chinese Imelda Marcos or Cherie Blair. Ain’t communism wonderful?

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  1. I can imagine the tiara ending up as an exhibit in some future Chinese museum (the People's Long March Museum of Glorious Class Struggle, perhaps).

    Masses of future schoolkids might queue up to look at it, as we might queue to see a tyrannosaurus skull or something..

    But as you say, it could have gone straight into some high-up's private collection. Yup, it's pretty ironic all right.

  2. I know, Kirby (about enochroot), and yes, my excitement is an incandescent thing (hur hur).

    Alex, I don't know where you are located, but there a series on BBC2 now about China. Scary, and quite horrible.

  3. Neal, know all about it I've lived in Brighton for the past four and a half years.

    I think you're wrong on the global warming issue. There is a level of uncertainty involved and a great deal of variation but there's plenty of cause for alarm.

    But I would agree with you halfway. I think that some of the global warming concern is irrational hysterial – like the people who get upset at Stephen Hawkins for mentioning space travel when the only issue we're supposed to be thinking of in the future tense is global warming. Or the dough headed greenies who think we should stop scientific research into genetics and nanomaterials and all wear hemp clothing.

    Between those guys and the "it's all a load of crap" point of view there is well considered and nuanced middle ground.

  4. Brighton's good for drinking in any weather. There's just under 400 watering holes in just a few square miles. If it wasn't for the prices and the weird licensing laws (recently a bit better) Brighton would be an alcoholics utopia.

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