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Last year, or early this year, I started an art competition, and there was a website (subminds) displayed down at the side of this blog where people could submit their pictures. Now I’m in the embarrassing position of having thrown a party no one came to. Well, I know for certain that at least one person sent something in so, if you could send me an email Vaude (I think you’ve got my eddress).
Moving on. Today, we’re heading into Chelmsford where I’ll be popping into Waterstones there to see if they would like me to sign some of their stock (they usually do). Prior to this, on my excellent new Samsung laser colour printer (more about that in the future) I printed up some of my bookmarks. However, it’s noticeable that none of them have the new Jon Sullivan covers on them. I considered sitting down and mucking about designing some more. However, now I’m thinking about doing another competition. 
Anyway … another competition. If you fancy having a crack at designing some bookmarks based on the Jon Sullivan covers (obviously with my blog address on there too), please let me know in the comments section here. Prizes will be maybe signed copies, maybe a Jon Sullivan poster or two — I’ll decide if it turns out that this is a party people will turn up at.

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