At last an enjoyable episode of Dr Who after two rather awful ones. The low moment came last week with that ridiculous tossing of a cigar-sized spaceship into the flame of the Olympic torch (at which point I finally had to leave the room). Well, if the ship required heat then put it in the damned microwave or on the hob. Now perhaps this was some obscure reference to ‘Torchwood’ but, if so, it fell flat. At that point the episode finally descended into what it had been teetering on the point of from the beginning: extreme bathos.

It would also seem that, with an instinct I would credit to rats leaving sinking ships (possibly misguided) that Billie Piper is leaving. Thank goodness for that. If her character Rose and the Doctor shared another of those giggly aren’t-we-having-a-laugh-travelling-through-space-and-time moments I swear I would have to buy myself a rifle and situate myself on a Cardiff tower block. Let’s hope the Daleks roll over Rose Tyler like a lorry over a hedgehog, though a hedgehog is admittedly cuter.

The only big criticism I have, of tonight’s episode of Dr Who, is the music. One day directors might learn that loud music is no substitute for good acting or drama. It also really puts off those who are hard of hearing – those who have been fans of Dr Who from the beginning. And bringing the Daleks and Cybermen together to slug it out? Excellent.

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  1. Yes, the last few episodes have left me wondering why I'm still watching this stuff. Hopefully after the grand finale, we will never ever see Rose, Jackie, Mickey or that housing estate ever again. Maybe before trying to exterminate one another, the Daleks & Cybermen will join forces and crush like insects all the characters I've been irritated by since the start of "New Who". Hope they do! That will even go some way to make up for watching England crash out of the World cup.

    1. Hi, this is 16 years later and you may never get this, but reading Quora responses to anyone’s question about the daleks pitted against other sci-fi villains (e.g. the Borg) had me thinking “How would they fare against the Jain, the Prador, the Atheter, Sniper, Penny Royal?”
      Seems I’ve found the perfect place to post my question…

  2. Don't say it! Russell T Davies could be reading this & thinking: Hmm, great idea! Apart from the annoying characters & the soapy storylines, I agree about the music – OTT. Also the emotions. Now I'm a volunteer counsellor & am supposed to like it when people get in touch with their feelings. But not in Doctor Who! There are limits, damnit. There's been just too much sobbing and emoting.

    I remember the days when Tom Baker was the Doctor, and there were brilliant adventures like the Horror of Fang Rock, when the entire cast, apart from the Doctor and Leela (Leela! Now there was a companion), were killed off. And it was: okay, that's over, now on to the next adventure, by the way what's for tea?

    Ah, those were the days..

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