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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Brass Man and Infinity War out on audible!! (Preferably narrated by John Lee- but let’s be honest, at this point we’d take a half-drunk cockney…we’re that desperate to have these in our ear-holes!) Those of us who are true fans will PAY!!! I’ve looked all over and have been willing to pay whatever. DO IT!!!
    Also you are amazing. Thank you.

  2. Please can we have the infinity war audiobook in the US. It’s not available on audible nor can I flat out purchase it on amazon in the US. It’s available in other countries. Very frustrating! Please, take my money.

    1. I KNOW it’s not your fault or preference, but have you any idea why Infinity Engine isn’t available on Audible in the US?

      Am a hugely admiring fan of your work, by the way.

  3. +1 for Brass man on Audible. It seems to be available elsewhere but not in the US. This makes me sad as it is my favorite of the series.

  4. Hi Neal, hope you are well, love your books. Any update on The Human audiobook coming to the U.S.? Or is there someone with your publisher I can get in touch with?

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