Batman Dark Knight.

When Heath Ledger got an Oscar for his role as the Joker in Batman Dark Knight my reaction was a sneer. Here we go, Hollywood grief-fest and insincerity, and doesn’t everyone now love to take part in a bit of public grieving to demonstrate how sensitive they are? Doubtless if the man had lived his chances of getting that award would have dropped through the floor. Nothing quite like snuffing it young to translate you direct to the halls of fame.

It was, therefore, with a degree of cynicism that I sat down to watch the Batman film. Again that disjointedness, close shaky camera on the action, but, bloody hell. This was the best Batman film I’d seen and Heath Ledger gave us a superbly lunatic Joker. I guess he deserved his Oscar, in fact more than many other who’ve been presented with it. But does it mean much? The whole award has been devalued by being presented to a certain hypocritical money-grubbing politician.

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