BFPO 2006

Here’s the last few post transferred over from my website.

7th February 2006 Just back from a few days in Berlin. The incredibly low temperatures there were an experience not to be missed in themselves (check out one picture in the gallery). Neither of us have seen a river frozen over, for real, for longer than we can remember. We also took a look at the Reichstag, the Brandenberg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the museum there. We rode around on the trams, U-bahn, S-bahn all of which were cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than anything found in Britain. Another impressive aspect of Berlin, which I hope applies to all of Germany, was how polite and helpful people were. We only had to stop for a few minutes to study a map before someone approached us to ask if they could be of any help — something you don’t see happening in London. Hannes Riffel, an SF bookshop owner there was a very nice guy to meet, too. He is obviously enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his trade and all things science fiction & fantasy, and keeps an excellent selection on his shelves. Go there, buy there!
19th February 2006
Well, The Voyage of the Sable Keech was launched on the 16th and of course far too much beer was consumed. Thanks to Macmillan for the hospitality. Also my thanks to the guys at the Forbidden Planet Bookshop in London for having me along for a signing session, which seemed to go very well. Now here’s you chance to win some copies of said book, and others, and to play the Sable Keech game!
1st October 2006 All within two weeks and a nice start to the new year: My short story Mason’s Rats has been taken by David G Hartwell & Kathryne Cramer for their Year’s Best SF 11, and I’ve since been contacted by Gardner Dozois who wants another story published in Asimov’s — Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck — for his ‘Year’s Best’ anthology. And now I discover I’ve made it to the shortlist of the Philip K Dick Award.

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