Bob's Wall Update.

However, learning he was one cover short, Bob immediately got onto me about it and I had to scan the front, back and spine of my single copy of Africa Zero, whereupon he assembled them into the full picture. His wall is now up to date, including a picture of the Macmillan cover of Prador Moon. And no, Olaf, he doesn’t just nail ’em to the wall, he does read them. He was quite annoyed recently upon discovering his copy of Polity Agent was missing pages, and badgered me for a new copy.

7 thoughts on “Bob's Wall Update.

  1. mark: I'm missing the whole book… but thank got it's not as impossible to get in germany as for example… any of neals short stories that are NOT included in The Engineer Reconditioned

  2. Phil, he used to race them (bikes, not calenders).

    Mark, he only wants the originals up there.

    Hamster, if he started sticking up foreign covers, that would multiply what's already up there by about ten. He'd have to reduce the pictures to the size of postage stamps.

  3. I couldn't remember what it was, but now I know: Bob once won the British Formula Racing Club Championship, before having to stop racing due to lack of sponsorship, and then moving on to have a family.

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