Book Piracy

What was it, a few weeks ago I was talking about ebooks, the dangers, whatever? Of course the Internet world moves really fast and now, already, it seems someone is pirating my books. For obvious reasons I won’t make a link to the site concerned. Nice hey. You spend twenty years banging your head against a wall to learn your trade and finally get your book published, you work non-stop to build a career, then some prick thinks it’s quite fine to obtain a copy of your work and give it away. Hey, by all means lend a book to someone, but don’t set up a fucking website to give it away to hundreds of people you don’t even know! I guess the person doing this feels he is being altruistic, that he’s giving a service (which in this case he wants donations for). I feel just like I always feel when someone rips me off; steals my property from me.

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