Book Sale: Transformation Trilogy

I’m clearing out some books in my loft so therefore selling some signed copies. Since there’s a right mixture up there I cannot be arsed to sort them all out and list them so will be putting batches up for sale like these. Okay, I have UK mass-market paperback editions of the Transformation trilogy to go. Those are Dark Intelligence, War Factory and Infinity Engine. The cost is cover price plus postage – the books are £9 each while p&p in the UK is £4 and to the US is £11 (for example). These can be just signed or signed to you. I can be tracked down on Facebook and Twitter or you can leave a message here.

3 thoughts on “Book Sale: Transformation Trilogy

  1. I’m looking forward to purchasing Infinity Engine in audio book format from Audible in the US. Is there a release date for that yet? Thanks.

  2. The Audio book version has not been released in the US. =(
    Neither have Gridlinked or The Brass Man. Neal you are my favorite Sci Fi author and I have purchased ALL of your books in more than one format…I’m sad that a company like Audible cannot get permission to sell all the books in a series. Anything you can suggest on your end?

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