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Here’s a list of the books I have for sale, so it’s the price you see below plus postage and packing. To the USA that’s usually the price of the books again. In Britain postage and packing for a first class packet for one large hardback is about £3.50. I can be contacted at ndotasheratvirgindotnet. And, of course, I’ll sign these and inscribe anything you want in them!

13 Gridlinked MMP 1st American £5.00
5   Gridlinked HB 1st American £17.00
6   Gridlinked HB 1st Book/Club £15.00

3   The Skinner TPB 2nd English
1   The Skinner HB 1st American £17.00
2   The Skinner HB 1st Book/Club £15.00

2   The Line of Polity MMP 1st English £7.99

18 Cowl MMP 1st English £7.99
9   Cowl MMP 1st American £5.00
12 Cowl TPB 1st American £9.50

9   Sable Keech MMP 1st English £7.99

5   Brass Man MMP 1st English £6.99
1   Brass Man TPB 1st English £12.99
17 Brass Man HB 1st Book/Club £15.00
6   Brass Man TPB 1st Tor £9.50

9   Polity Agent MMP 1st English £7.99

3   Hilldiggers MMP 1st English £7.99
12 Hilldiggers MMP 2nd English £7.99
8   Hilldiggers HB 1st English £17.99

11 Line War MMP 1st English £7.99

5 Shadow of the Scorpion TPB 1st English £11.99

12 Prador Moon MMP 1st English £6.99
6 Prador Moon HB 1st English £14.99
24 Prador Moon TPB 1st Nightshade £9.50

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