Book Signing!

Okay, be there or be square, or some such. I’ll be signing the books in the store and probably popping round to the Angel for a drink afterwards.

NEAL ASHER will be signing THE HUMAN at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Thursday 16th April from 6 – 7pm!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'NEAL ASHER THE HUMAN AN ANCIENT TERROR IS FREE ONCE MORE'

Their enemy seems unbeatable. But humanity is indomitable . . .
A Jain warship has risen from a prison five million years old, wielding a hoard of lethal technology. Its goal is to catch their old enemy, the Client, and it will destroy all who stand in its path.
Humanity and the prador thought their mutual nemesis – the bane of so many races – was long extinct. But the Jain are back and Orlandine must prepare humanity’s defence. She needs the Client’s knowledge to counter this ancient threat. But is the enemy of your enemy a friend? Earth Central even looks to the prador for alliance. These old enemies must now learn to trust one another, or face utter annihilation.
As the Jain warship crosses the galaxy, it seems unstoppable. Human and prador forces alike struggle to withstand its devastating weaponry – far in advance of their own. And Orlandine’s life’s work has been to neutralize Jain technology, so if she can’t triumph, no one can. But could she become what she’s vowed to destroy?
The Human is the final, thrilling, book in Neal Asher’s Rise of the Jain trilogy.
Neal Asher lives sometimes in England, sometimes in Crete and mostly at a keyboard. Having over twenty-five books published he has been accused of overproduction (despite spending far too much time on the social media, or kayaking and walking) but doesn’t intend to slow down just yet.

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