Books for Bob.

My eldest brother, faced with a knee operation, asked me what books I would recommend for him since he won’t be running around much. Recent books, generally. So, reacting to that on the spur of the moment and referencing some things I’ve read this year:

Science fiction:
Blindsight – Peter Watts, and any of his previous series if available (Starfish etc).
Alastair Reynolds, Gary Gibson, Vernor Vinge,
Blood Music – Greg bear
Stories of Your Life: And Others – Ted Chiang

Scar Night – Alan Campbell, followed by Iron Angel and The God of Clocks
Farlander – Col Buchanan
American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Crime etc:
Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, the Steig Larssen books (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc)
Archangel – Robert Harris
Flesh House – Stuart MacBride
Bait – Nick Brownlee

Jeremy Clarkson, Littlejohn’s Britain,

That’s it for now. If I think of any more I’ll put them here.

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