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Mark Chitty is now catching up with the row of my books stacked on his shelf. You can find his review of Brass Man here.

Brass Man continues my reading (and catch-up) of Neal Asher’s Ian Cormac series. I’m a big fan of Neal’s work and my one reading resolution for this year was to get up-to-date on his releases. I’m in the fortunate position of having the whole series sitting on my shelf ready for back-to-back reads so I can fully appreciate the overall story he’s telling, and after reading the both the second in the series, The Line of Polity, and now Brass Man I’m still gobsmacked that I haven’t read them sooner. Brass Man is the third book in the series and picks up the characters following the conclusion of the previous book, with all the headaches that entails for Cormac and company!

…’after reading both the second’ I think was meant to be ‘after reading the two books that I class as the second part of the series’

Now, noting one reaction to the links I included for The Technician, here’s the Amazon link for Brass Man, and here’s the Book Depository one (free shipping to the US).

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