Calling Kindle Owners

Okay guys, I’m getting near to publishing The Parasite on Amazon Kindle. Now, in an attempt not to fuck this up too badly, I have a questions:

Presumably, once you’ve bought a book from Amazon for your Kindle you can download it as many times as you like? I’m asking this because I’ve loaded a Word version for Kindle convert and I’m not entirely happy with the formatting. It looks like it might appear without the small margins I’ve seen on pictures of other works on Kindle. If it turns out that it looks crap I need to be sure that I can update it and that you can download it again.

Can you put in margins on your ebook?

Come to think of it … once something is actually published on Kindle can it be edited later?

I am presuming you can change the size of the text on Kindle, can you also change the font?

More questions as they occur to me in the comments…

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