Cannabis Factory

Just posting this here because this is our local town, in fact Caroline used to work nearby this building at one time. I snaffled this from the Essex Police site. But then, this is not as close as the big cannabis greenhouse discovered in our village. Seems to be a common criminal occupation in Essex and, when in a Dengie 100 pub you mustn’t ask why you saw an aeroplane landing without lights on a local field. But it’s a crying shame that they’re destroying all this. They should legalize it and tax it. We need the money.

More than 8000 plants with an estimated street value of £2 million were discovered during a raid on an industrial unit in Heybridge near Maldon on Tuesday, November 9.

Nine purpose built rooms housing 280kg of skunk plants in various stages of growth and a sophisticated set up of lighting and hydropnic equipment were uncovered at a former print works in Hall Road.

Officers estimate the factory will have cost in the region of £250,000 to set up and may have been involved in supplying drugs across the UK and possibly abroad.

The factory also included its own electrical substation which had been illegally linked directly into local mains power supplies.

It is the largest ever discovered in Essex and is thought to be one of the biggest ever uncovered across the UK.

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