Car Tax.

Apparently there’s a million cars on Britain’s roads without road tax discs, which usually means they are without insurance or MOTs. Some puzzlement is expressed about this, especially when the penalty for getting caught is to have you car taken to the crusher. It’s the fucking economy stupid! You can buy a car that runs, for less than £250. That’s about the lower end of the price for just the insurance. Add onto that £40 for an MOT, excluding repairs that might need to be made, and over £100 road tax and … ah do the sums yourselves. Just remember that if someone drives such a car for more than a year they’ll certainly be in profit even if it is taken to the crusher. Message to government (again): Are you surprised by this? You shouldn’t be, you made these people. You screw them for every last red cent and then go, “Oh dear, why are you breaking the law?” They’re breaking the law because they take one look at you and think, Why the hell shouldn’t I take the piss, you lot are.

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  1. Now I know why I like your books, you are a fellow 'angry man'.

    We're all sick to the back teeth of Bliar and his pet pick pocket Brown. Road tax, vat, fuel duty, fines for doing anything wrong in your car. And that's just for those of us who drive legally.

    Don't want to get fined or pay anything? Just don't register your car. The police won't bother chasing anything up, they can't be arsed. It's much easier to hit their targets buy fining legally registered drivers doing 72mph on empty roads at 3am. Violent crime, don't expect the plod to turn up any time soon it's far too dangerous. But don't threaten the little bastard who is throwing rocks at your window because you'll be up in court before your can think. Mean while his inbred junky mother will collect yet more benefits for her 18 kids (by 15 fathers) and compensation for trauma, no doubt being represented by Bliars frog faced lard arse junket loving wife.

    Meanwhile I get to pay more tax for having the temerity to go on holiday or own a house.

    -sigh- I feel much better. Keep up the good work. Just finished reading 'The Voyage of the Sable Keetch' and started rereading 'The Skinner' since I enjoyed it so much.

  2. Don't you Brits have some problems with illegal immigration? In America we do. Most illegal immigrants have illegally purchased (paid for but not registered) cars. They don't have insurance because they don't want to get caught, not like we do anything about them anyway. When they get in accidents, they run away and leave the good citizens hanging. Of course you're a racist, if you say anything disparaging about it. Actually here in the colonies you're a racist if you aren't part of a minority group.

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