Cowl in Japan.

Liz Johnson (Rights & Co-editions Manager at Macmillan) “…is truly delighted to report a Japanese deal for COWL. This is particularly exciting news as the Japanese fiction (and particularly Sci-fi) market is incredibly difficult at the moment – so many congratulations! Hayakawa Publishing Inc. will publish in paperback within 24 months.”

Excellent stuff – that’s country number nine after the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Romania.

Now, my thanks to Hayato Kato who approached me to get one of my short stories (The Veteran) published in Hayakawa’s magazine. He took it upon himself to push me out there and doubtless this result is much due to him!

9 thoughts on “Cowl in Japan.

  1. Don't mean to derogate the others in comparison, but I think I'd admit to liking Cowl the best of your novels — and normally I hate the tropes of time travel stories.

  2. Well done Neal.
    Hopefully soon they will get to enjoy Ian Cormac as much as I do.

    Can't wait for my son Cormac to grow up and discover where I got his name from. You can imagine my smile when I read the end of Line of Polity two weeks after he was born.


  3. Anon, I think it's great that the favorites people have are often different. Two recent reviews in Starburst and SFX respectively put Polity Agent then The Line of Polity as my top books. This is fine – I prefer people debating about which is my best book, rather than which is my worst.

    Thanks Alex, but really you prefer Brass Man with its world named Cull…

    And along those lines: Blimey, Drake … I don't really know what to say other than … blimey.

  4. Mmm, my last post wasn't accepted.

    Anyway, congratulations!! Actually, I did nothing other than picking up "The Veteran" and scattering your name here and there, and lo! Your growing popularity in the UK/US did everything.

    I don't know why Hayakawa chose COWL, but probably they preferred a standalone novel to test the water. Or, their lineup this year is saturated by space operas, so they are planning diversity next year.

    – montmorency

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