Crete House

I recently tried to send some pictures of our Cretan house to Julie Crisp and Chloe Healy at Macmillan, but got blocked by their email security. So, for when someone asks me about that place, I’m putting a few here to direct them to. The dates on these vary so, for example, the shot below of the spare room is from when we first went to look at the place.

1) The front of the house. Pergola yet to be put up.

2) The front of the house, repointed and pergola and grape arbour now visible.

3) Front garden, looking towards the front terrace.

4) View from the front terrace.

5) Side gate.

6) View from the roof.

7) Ruin around the back — at some point to be turned into a guest room with double bed, shower and a little kitchen.

8) Central heating system.

9) Main room.

10) Main room (other direction).

12) Main bedroom.

13) Spare room.

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