David Gemmell Dies.

Damn and buggeration. I’ve just discovered that David Gemmell is dead at the age of 57. He’d had a heart bypass a couple of weeks ago, but obviously it didn’t do the job. On an utterly selfish level: crap, no more excellent books like Waylander, Legend, the Jon Shannow books … so many excellent reads. This is truly a shame for readers of his stuff, and of course for his family and others who knew him. I wish I could have met the guy.

On another note, I tried to leave a post on the BBC website about this, but it was rejected because my post contained offensive language: the word ‘bugger’. I replaced it with ‘damn’ and it was accepted. Laughable, really.

2 thoughts on “David Gemmell Dies.

  1. Absolutely gutted about DGs death.

    I can remember picking up Legend 25 years ago at the ripe old age of 13 and thinking. The cover looks good, the blurb on the back sounds good. Lets give it a go. One of the better decisions of my life.

    Its strange that I will not have a chance to meet him again, and just thank him for his work.

    Funny, I never took more than one book with me for him to sign, when I was picking up his latest. Just because there would always be more time. How wrong I was.


  2. I was about 16 (and had been reading Heinlein for 4 years) when I found out he had already been dead for 3 years. And I had just been getting the notion that it would be really cool to meet him, or even write a letter. Unfortunately, that's the way of it, at least for another 20 years or so.


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