Day 14

Today is day 14 of not smoking and I’ve finally come to the realization that I won’t be smoking again. You may think that’s a daft thing to say after just two weeks and just a few weeks back I would have agreed with you. But that was before I properly tried out an e-cig. The things are excellent, delivering nicotine as a vapour to your lungs without all the other horrible stuff you get from a tobacco cigarette. Also, upon seeing more of these devices and enjoying the enthusiasm of what seems to be a massive growing subculture, I’m hooked. I mean, how can I resist e-cigs that look like a sonic screwdrivers?

It’s also worth mentioning for those who have tried e-cigs in the past and not been impressed, that these devices have come on in leaps and bounds. They are no longer like trying to suck a pea up a straw, give a good volume of vapour and a good hit. 

Of course the question I’m now asking myself is can I give up vaping … and will I want to? 

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