Day 6

Day 6 is going to be a long one. I woke at midnight to the sound of thunder and pouring rain, dozed on and off until about 3.00, got up and had a cup of tea while filling in my journal, went back to bed to try and sleep some more and finally gave up and got up at 5.00. My total hours of sleep were probably not much more than two or three. Nicotine withdrawal? Well, I reckon that yesterday I had about 10 to 15mg of the stuff by NRT which, calculating on about 1mg per cigarette, is about the same as when I was smoking, so buggered if I know. Insufficiently tired? I cycled 8 miles yesterday and spent most of the day working on a synopsis so you wouldn’t think so. Touch of depression probably, which is a problem I’ve had before when trying to give up the weed.
Anyway, heeding the suggestions of others I’ve ordered some melatonin – a substance that apparently aids sleep – and I’ll let you know how I get on with that.
So, it is now 6.15AM and I’m at my computer, obviously, so I’ll read some science articles and get on with some work.

Oh right, I forgot to post the above. It is now 9.15 and numerous science articles later it really is time for me to get on with that synopsis. But, of course, now I feel like I want to go back to bed!

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