Day Two Begins

Day one completed. I got through it with nicotine gum and an inhalator I’d used before and still bears the teeth marks of that occasion. Certainly a few cravings hit me but with my mind set and a couple of pulls on the inhalator I was fine. Also, that Caroline is giving up and has her mind set too is a huge plus point. The electronic cigarette wasn’t much good (sorry, Rich and Shona). I thought it simply wasn’t charging up but soon discovered I wasn’t drawing on the thing hard enough for it to activate. Actually getting some ‘smoke’ out of it is akin to trying to suck a marble up a straw. Maybe I’ll look into acquiring one of these nicotine ‘pens’.
Day two begins with a piece of liquorice-flavoured 4mg nicotine gum and a new cartridge in the inhalator. Judging my yesterday’s food consumption (fried breakfast, Chinese meal, and lots of fruit) I know I need to repair my bike and get it on the road as soon as possible. I think I’ll also clean out the garage and brush the rust off my weights too. And, generally, I have to do stuff. The thing about smoking is that it sucks up time. Yesterday, while thoroughly cleaning the car, I found myself pausing for a ‘break’, then realising that this meant going inside, sitting on my arse and smoking a cigarette. Caroline, working in the back garden, found the same thing. Instead we both just carried on doing stuff and, as a result, where thoroughly knackered at the end of the day.


Someone asked me on Twitter to please not turn into a ‘born again non-smoker’. No fear of that. I know how for some people it seems almost necessary to be that way – part of the required mind-set to give up. To give up an addiction they love they have to get angry with it. This in fact is where a lot of the anti-smoking bullshit comes from, not from those who have never smoked. I won’t be a ‘born-again non-smoker’ because I am giving up something I have enjoyed, on and off, for 35+ years, and I am not a hypocrite.  

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