Death Ray Magazine.

I must get hold of a copy of Death Ray Magazine. Here’s either part or all of a review in it of Hilldiggers:

“Asher has an axe to grind, but what a shiny, well-honed and beautifully weighted axe it is… He’s on top of his game with this one and his confidence entwines a fibrous thread throughout the plot. Multiple narratives occurring in different time frames, shifts between first-and third-person perspectives, a detailed and convincing description of planetary ecosystems…In lesser hands, a rambling wayward text could well result. What we have instead is a wonderfully rich and complex tale that happily flips between giving the mind something weighty to mull over and pleasing its baser, thrill-seeking desires… Asher’s skill is making it all seem wild, wonderful, politically provoking and fresh.”

Very nice.

5 thoughts on “Death Ray Magazine.

  1. Almost done and I have enjoyed it quite a bit — almost as much as Cowl or Polity Agent, which remain my favorites. (I apologize if having favorites implies that I don't like the rest; I do.)

    I particularly like the first-person passages, which avoid the sort of … I want to say "cutesiness" or "preciousness," but "disingenuousness" is probably the most appropriate word … that often irritates me or creeps me out in first-person SF.

  2. Seems to be going well. I've seen the SFX one – very nice. Interesting how Saxon Bullock refers to The Line of Polity as the best. Elsewhere I've seen is slated as being crap in comparison to Gridlinked. What's a girl to do?

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