Destination Universe! – A E Van Vogt

Enjoyable old SF stories of variable quality. I wonder if it is because they are so old that’s what makes it possible to enjoy them. The anachronisms are large, the whole milieu dated, even if in a supposed future, that there is no need for that ‘suspension of disbelief’ because these are not something one can hope to incorporate in a world-view. I mean, if you read a modern SF book you can mentally draw a line from our present to it. No matter how fantastical it has the illusion of the possible. These old SF stories have slid off into a parallel, off of our world line into the not possible at all. But they are enjoyable, amusing and a window into social and SF history. Antique futures.

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One thought on “Destination Universe! – A E Van Vogt

  1. Yes, I realise that I like to think of timelines diverging from each book that posits a future – unlikely in some cases, quite feasible in others. I think it’s time to explore the back catalogue again! I also have this one, so maybe i’ll start there. Ta!

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