A little while back on this blog, when I was ranting about some of the crap I’d watched either on television or at the cinema, someone suggested I should watch Dexter (Vaude?). Well, I didn’t mention it at the time, but I did watch most of the first season and enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, the basic premise of the show of a serial killer whose prey is killers, was close to one I used in a short story I wrote over ten years ago (It was called ‘Trophies’, and the serial killer was a hunter of serial killers, Dexter just nobbles the normal kind).

Now I’m watching the second season and, since Caroline has now succumbed, I’ve gone and bought the first season (very reasonable on Amazon) and look forward to catching up on those critical episodes I missed at the end of the first. Yup, Dexter is excellent stuff and gets my recommendation.

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