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June 6th

How many here have tried this online dating lark? I’ve just about given up now. No dear, clinically obese is not ‘a bit curvy’ and 20 or 30 is not ‘a few extra pounds’. And seriously. In this age when just about any bit of hardware takes a picture, claiming you don’t have a recent one is a bit of a joke!


June 8th

Right, election day is here and now I breathe a sigh of relief. I will not be posting anymore party political stuff – too divisive, polarising. I can’t be doing with seeing the responses of ‘friends’, or some of their posts, and thinking ‘wanker’. Back to science, books, writing and occasional embarrassing details about my personal life.


13th June

I had a stinking cold starting the week before last and extending into last week. During that time my focus was mainly on trying not to feel like crap. I had some other work to deal with too and didn’t get much of the latest novel done. Looking on the bright side, one of my escapes from feeling like crap (beside stuffing my face with comfort food) was really getting into reading again, which is great. But now I’m back on it: 2,000 words done yesterday and 2,000 done today.


29th June

Ooh, snippy. ‘I don’t like your opinions therefore I won’t read your books anymore’. *sigh* Hell, if I took that attitude I would have missed out on a lot of great books, films too. I guess I’m as guilty, but people really need to look outside their sociopolitical bubbles sometimes.


3rd July

Aaargh! Bloody computers … or in this case printers … I think. Y’know, I’ve got a job of making up stuff, writing it down and keeping readers entertained. I really REALLY don’t want to spend hours pissing about, searching the internet, trying and failing to load firmware etc ad nauseum. I really don’t want my printer unilaterally deciding that, for one file, paper must be fed in manually, and then telling me about a non-existent paper jam! Aaaargh!


5th July

2,000 words yesterday but the word counts are dropping now. At 116,000 words I’ve reached the stage in the middle-of-a-trilogy book where I have to deliver a satisfying ending but also maintain the overall story arc of the trilogy. This has made me realise that something I have been signalling, even from the end of the first book, needs to be toned down. This … event … is the ending of the second book but it needs to be more of a surprise. Today I’ll copy the document and start tearing it apart, excising stuff and sticking it back together again to see how that works out…

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