Facebook Posts December 2021

Damn, previous ones were in reverse order. I’ll do it the other way round now.

1st December

I wonder if medical exemption from wearing a mask can include: allergic to tinpot Hitlers, scared sheep, medical profession rentseekers and authoritarian cunts?
Just asking.

3rd Dec

Blimey I’m knackered. After various gym sessions culminating yesterday in another half an hour of HIIT I slept 8 hours last night. This morning I got up, showered, drank a cup of coffee, then slept for another 1.5 hours in my armchair. All this exercise is good, the question I have is whether the addition of HIIT will increase my CV health and core strength, or lead me to being stretchered off to the hospital.

8th Dec

This article was 10 years ago and since then it’s become increasingly clear that MORE salt is better, yet still the myth persists of salt being an unnecessary condiment that raises blood pressure. The fucking NHS is still coming out with that bollocks. Mentally hard wired ‘medical professionals’ are sorely in need of a kick up the backside.

Guy fell off a gym machine today and bashed his head (I saw the ambulance leaving as I arrived). Two and a half hour wait for an ambulance, apparently, while he was losing his memory and in a bad way. What did the intrepid medics do the moment they arrived? You guessed it: gave him a covid test.

9th Dec

Nothing quite like slumping in an armchair, weary of mind and body, with all the day’s objectives achieved. I’m really going to enjoy this cup of tea.

May be an image of coffee cup and indoor

13th Dec

Hmm, that’s good: today is my 100th day of zero booze. I seem to have gone well beyond any inclination for it, but won’t relax my vigilance.

22nd Dec

So often I see memes or ‘accepted knowledge’ that pet owners are ‘nice’ people and you shouldn’t trust people who don’t like animals. Bollocks. Many pet owners are the most inconsiderate and selfish people around – oblivious to how the yapping and whining of Rover affects other people, oblivious to how Fluffy digs up and craps over other gardens, when not murdering local wildlife.

26th December

Time for a bit of thinning out of the ‘friends’ list. So many people on here I have no interraction with – people just gathering numbers. If you find yourself removed and it bothers you, then message me.

27th Dec

Meh. Ketogenic eating is difficult, not because of hunger or carb cravings – I can happily fill up with fat, meat and veg – but the mental aspect. My concentration and motivation are shot. This could be related to the brain missing the punch of easy glucose and serotonin, lack of salt and/or dehydration. Not sure. I do know I feel better mentally with some carbs in my diet, but worse physically. I’m hoping the present malaise is just the set of symptoms called keto flu and will pass. Damn it, it better – I’ve got work to do! I need focus to fully integrate a thus far 120,000 word manuscript in my skull and finesse a critical theme throughout.


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