Facebook Posts October 2021

29th October

I briefly wondered at 4.00 this morning if an earthquake had woken me. Something was wrong. I drifted in and out of sleep but could not get comfortable. It finally impinged this was because I was sleeping on a slope. Why my bed decided to collapse on one side in the early hours I have no idea, certainly not for reasons I would enjoy. Wood working tools, screws and wood glue out this morning.

No photo description available.

27th October

I got a message request from someone this morning, who went through all that effort to swear at me. Apparently I’d blocked him because of a ‘Bernie joke’. This is highly unlikely considering my opinion of that politician but, whatever. Brings home that people are more reactive to a ‘public figure’, more likely to have their noses put out of joint, more likely to be offended. If people block me I don’t even notice – I’ve got stuff to do. Anyway, I don’t block people anymore. If stuff they put up is irritating I do the 30 day shutdown. If the irritating stuff is constant I unfollow. If their comments on my posts start to irritate, I unfriend so they can’t comment. Social media: both a boon and a curse. Weeding is necessary so as not to get sucked into constant negativity.

23rd October

In Greece they have an expression ‘kala na patheis’ which means ‘you get what you deserve’. This certainly applies in the case of a self-righteous Hollywood wanker doubtless working on a film glorifying the firearms he apparently abhors. But then one has to step back from the amusing memes and remember that someone died.

20th October

Yup. It’s always nice to meet people I’ve met before: ‘Hello Neal, how are you?’ ‘Hi there! (Who the fuck are you?) I’m fine, how are you?’

13th October

I was taking a look at Instagram, since it is mentioned so often. Kinda looks to me like an app for people who have less attention span than the average Twitterati. Am I wrong?

12th October

FUCK! Now that was an earthquake that had me running for the door! And some cracks in the house just got bigger!

May be an image of indoor

5th October

Over the last week the temperature dropped here from just wearing a pair of shorts in the house to jeans, socks and pullover. Down in Makrigialos I lost the inclination to swim and then after kayaking last time felt cold and didn’t want to hang around, also hunger kicked in and I started eating everything in sight. Couldn’t get warm today, ate like a pig, napped and then woke up feeling warm, which isn’t usual after a nap (while napping is something I haven’t needed to do for a while too). Internal thermostat adjusted. Makes sense, since your calorie burn is 50 to 80% BMR and a lot of that is body temperature. I’ve also been in calorie deficit for a while with a minimum of 2 to 3 hours heavy exercise each day. Much bigger adjustment coming next month in the UK. I’ll probably walk out of the airport going, ‘Fuck! Fuuuck!’


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