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  1. I don't watch Family Guy, but I am a South Park fan, although I've always found the weakest part of that show to be the satirical treatment of religious subjects, especially Christianity. As others have pointed out, it's easy to be fearless when you know your target won't try to cut your head off.

    A superb article on the subject by Harvey Mansfield in the current Weekly Standard:

    Atheist Tracts

    Neal, your reaction?



  2. I'd say go and look at the numerous articles on the Dawkins website. I think it quite sad that people need God to themselves be good. Does a believer, suddenly finding a God-shaped void inside himself turn into a killer? No. As to the bullshit about some of the worst atrocities in the 20th century being at their root atheistic (Hitler, Stalin etc) that's nonsense. The atrocities arise from dogma and ideology, from unquestioning belief. As has been pointed out ad nauseum: atheists don't fly aircraft into buildings in support of their non-belief.

    What did I think of the article? Rambling, all over the place, groping for straws to support ridiculous faith, as so many of these supposedly incisive attacks on atheism are. Bottom line: does one believe in any God, with all the utterly ridiculous baggage that God carries (whether a 6000-year-old Earth, Hell or Heaven, with or without seventy virgins), or not.

    Incidentally, Dawkins in his 'The Root of all Evil' was right in the face of the mad mullahs as well as the Bible Belt conmen, and wasn't fretting about losing his head.

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