Final Days – Gary Gibson

“Science fiction asks what it means to be human; how we relate to our technology; and what our place is in the vastness of time and space” – Gareth L Powell (Ack-Ack Macaque). Gary Gibson’s Final Days fits neatly in there with its wormholes, ancient alien technology, questions about predestination, much more closely linked networked technology (in the form of contact lenses). But it also does all this in the form of Philip (Mortal Engines) Reeve’s reply to Gareth: “But crucially it asks these questions through the medium of explosions and running about in corridors.” Both of them have put their finger on it. And this book is another fine addition to the vast questions with explosions genre. Enjoyable.

Update: I have to add that he’s definitely been watching those video clips of ‘Big Dog’ from Boston Dynamics!

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