Forbidden Planet.

Right, back on track. There’s another ‘bit of a do’ earlier than the one at Heffers on the 2nd November. I’ll be at the Forbidden Planet in London. Now, I’ve just learned that the one I’m going to is not the only one in the city – there’s a Forbidden Planet International. It’s not that one, it’s the one with the old rocket logo at:

179 Shaftesbury Ave London WC2H 8JR At the Junction with Neal Street (pictured). Nearest Tubes: Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Holborn.

I’ll be there on Saturday the 7th October signing copies of Polity Agent between 1 – 2pm. If you can’t make it to the signing, don’t forget to pre-order your signed copy from the store. I’ll also probably be chilling in the pub around the corner afterwards too.

6 thoughts on “Forbidden Planet.

  1. another reason to be cross i was cheated out of a vacation this year. 8) i repeat, you *cannot* shuffle off until i get over there. ;p

    also sticking around to write more would be nice too.

  2. Hi Neal.

    I will make an attempt at queing up for a signature, although I like the idea of a pint and a signature much better!!

    Really looking forward to the book though.

  3. Kirby, I'll try not to shuffle off, and if I stick around I'll certainly be writing.

    Bascule: mememememe

    Skarironfist … but there's the vacuuming.

    Alex, be good to see the guy named after a planet in Brass Man.

    Thanks for the Prador Moon review, Bob. I've passed it on.

    Mark, well, certainly a few pints will be consumed – unless anything untoward happens, which the way my life is going at the moment certainly seems a possibility.

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