Forbidden Planet etc.

I am somewhat hung over today, which is wrong really, since it’s my 50th today and the hangover should be tomorrow. However, we got invited to a gathering last night in remembrance of Victoria Petrie-Hay who, along with her husband Howard Chadwick, was someone we used to meet on our yearly visits to Peter Lavery in Hastings. Victoria died of lung cancer recently. We went along.

Every time I go into London I always check up with Forbidden Planet to see if they want any stock signed, and they usually do. They’ll maybe be appearing on these pages or, if you’re in the area you can pop in. Here I am signing their stock, followed by a picture of a couple of the reprobates who work there.

After that we wandered around London trying to find the Phoenix Artist’s Club, finally locating it after a phone call to Peter. This was followed by a meal then an hour or so wait in a local pub before we went to the club. A good if slightly drunken time was had by all. Caroline told me that Richard Arnold was in the place, but my eyesight wasn’t so great by then so I’m not sure if I saw him. Meanwhile here we both are hobnobbing with fantasy royalty in the form of Tanith Lee and John Kaiine.
That’s all for now. I just want to doss about and sleep now.

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