Forbidden Planet Signing

Thanks to all at Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue for having me there to sign some books. Blimey, occasionally there was even a queue forming (two people) but, as always, it’s not the number of people turning up on the day, but the huge stack of books I sign that disappears over the ensuing year. Whilst I was there Danie Ware got me to sign this odd thing (rather like an adipose from the recent Dr Who) called a Monqee (I’m guessing that calling it Monkey might result in a certain tea company getting annoyed). This object, currently being covered with signatures rather like the fat boy’s face in the the run-up to that ‘White’ series, is to be auctioned in aid of the Match it for Pratchett appeal You can find more about it on Danie’s blog here. After the signing I as usual slipped off round to the Angel and drank far too much before staggering off home. It was all pretty enjoyable, though Sunday’s depressive post alcohol effects weren’t very nice at all. Thanks to Peter Lavery and Macmillan for buying some of my books at the shop to help replace the ones I didn’t receive! Nice also to have various members of my family along, Simon Kavanagh doing a passable impression of David Tennant, and Neil and Daniel too. In a further note. The second picture here is for Jacko on the island of Crete. Yes, the pen you bought me served very well. Oh, also for Jon Courtenay Grimwood, whose SFX review is prominently displayed. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Forbidden Planet Signing

  1. wow you had a danie ware and a daniel ware go (me being the latter) – how weird is that?!

    it was a great day 😀 thanks for inviting me along to the pub too – what time did you leave in the end? thankfully i avoided a hangover the next day. somehow.

    can't wait for the next book (and signing) now! 😉

  2. I must say that Line War was grand. A rather great ending to the saga. Now to continue with the Engineer reconditioned (which I don't think takes place in the same future history as the polity).

    I do have a question though regarding timelines… are the Spatterjay books set before or after the coramc books. Although I could probably work it out by refferencing the Prador War dates in each book.

    Also I hope we meet Knobblar, Cutter and Bludgeon at the graveyard in Orbus.

  3. i of course am still watiing for my signed copy from forbidden planet. ;p

    rather like an adipose from the recent Dr Who

    loved that episode! just watched it in digital format from a friend of a friend.

    as an aside, i *need* that coat and suit tennant was wearing.


  4. I just finished Line War. The little war droids stole the show though 🙂

    Shadow of the Scorpion seems just around the corner. Can't wait. I'd love to read something else from the world that Polly originates in from Cowl 🙂



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