French Cowl

Excellent, Pocket/Fleuve Noir of the UNIVERS POCHE Group are buying Cowl to publish in France next year. They’ve already bought Gridlinked and The Skinner, the latter of which they’ve already published, but they’re missing Gridlinked to do Cowl, then intend to go with the Polity series afterwards. I look forward to seeing what they do with the covers, since the French cover image for The Skinner – by Stephan Martiniere — is the best yet, I think you’ll agree.

5 thoughts on “French Cowl

  1. That is a stunning piece of artwork, Neal. You really should try and get your hands on the original, would make a lovely picture to hang in lounge or writing-room. Best one I've seen yet.

  2. Neal, I am glad to tell you that the Line of Polity was published in the Czech Republic yesterday. It has the original cover, only it is turned and fitted to fill the front again.

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