Galactic Empires

Couple of bits here: Over the last year or so I’ve only written two short stories … or rather novelettes. One of these is called Alien Archaeology which is to be published in Asimov’s sometime hence. I look forward to that one especially, because Brian Beiniowski of that magazine was asking me for a description of a gabbleduck. Apparently they were looking at using the image of one for the front cover, though whether that will happen I don’t know yet. The other story was called Owner Space. This is set in a future covered by none of my full-length novels, but will be familiar to those who have read The Engineer or The Engineer ReConditioned, for it is the same setting for stories there called Proctors, The Owner and (only in the latter collection) Tiger Tiger. Owner Space has now been accepted by Gardner Dozois for his anthology titled Galactic Empires. Excellent stuff. And finally, there’s now an interview with me up on fantasybookcritic.

4 thoughts on “Galactic Empires

  1. Nice to know your thinking of writing more on some of the characters from 'The Skinner' and 'The Voyage of the Sable Keech'.

    What about the 'Rondure knights' from 'Brass Man'. I did like reading about the Bugs and beasts of Kull.

  2. Neal, I'll be sure to pick up a copy of the given Asimov's issue when your story comes out.

    The Gabbleduck is pretty wild shit. I think it needs a novel.

    Trapped in a place called Missouri

  3. Everyone wants a book!

    Believe me, anon, I have considered following Anderson's journey across Cull. I've more stories to tell than years, unfortunately.

    Murph (do you prefer to be called that?), now that's another one, and quite possibly one I'll do.

  4. Neal, most call me Murph mainly because it is easier. It beats the hell out of Smurfy.

    You write a Gabbleduck book, I'll see about buying a copy.

    Murph (oh, I was signing S. F. Murphy, wasn't I? I lose track)
    Trapped in a Place called Missouri (this hasn't changed, regretably, don't move here, Neal).

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