German Sable Keech.

But the Japanese have got some catching up to do with the Germans. Bastei Lubbe have bought everything up to Hilldiggers, in fact they took Polity Agent before anyone had seen it and Hilldiggers before I’d even written it. I’m really grateful for their confidence in me, if somewhat spooked too.

My thanks of course to Stefan Bauer. It must be a bugger of a market there when it seems that every German I’ve encountered tells me they read the English version!

Here then is the cover of The Voyage of the Sable Keech. Please, no comments about loud and smelly flatulence, and no giggling. We are serious literary people here…

4 thoughts on “German Sable Keech.

  1. Sorry to point this out, but here in Scotland, "keech" (pr. "keek") is Scots vernacular for excrement as in "that's a pile of keech" Perhaps a case of eine grosser fahrt?

  2. That would be "EIN grosser Fahrt" not "EINE", as FAHRT (journey) is feminine (DIE Fahrt) in German, whereas FART (DER furz) is masculine. You, therefore, have
    – EIN grosser FART (Furz)
    – EINE grosse FAHRT (Journey)

    What you can never have is
    EINE GROSSER FAHRT; a linguistic abomination compliments of the Keechmeister.

  3. Hey, the Germans are the only ones who have bought everything Macmillan have published of mine. I'm not going to piss them off by getting all prima donna-ish about the covers they use.

    afront, I might create a new kind of shellfish for Spatterjay. I'm thinking of calling it a neddy…

    Michael … uh?

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