Get Slaughtered.

I can’t remember whether or not I’ve commented on Karin Slaughter books before, but I certainly will now.

In need of distraction I picked up Skin Privilege and started reading. I guess, after recent events, what I didn’t need was a story that started off with someone being sprayed with lighter fuel and set on fire, but I continued reading. This book is one of a series of books featuring the characters Sara Linton (pathologist), Jeffrey Tolliver (boss cop), Lena Adams (junior cop with attitude) and I zoomed through it in a day. The story and the pace are more than engaging enough even though I often felt the overpowering need to get hold of some of these characters and slam their heads together. Having read numerous previous books featuring them, I’m starting to find their angst a bit tiring, and the entire format a bit tired. I think this is a danger in police procedurals in a limited setting with the same characters … any book in fact … which is why it was great to then pick up Fractured. To me this was the much better book. The main character in this, Will Trent – a dyslexic cop – has appeared before (Triptyche?) and is much less irritating. Excellent book – again I polished it off in a day and now look forward to getting started on Slaughter’s latest, Genesis. And I have to add that despite the adverse comments above, if you haven’t read these and like this sort of stuff, you should read them all.

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