Gridlinked the Movie.

Here’s something our very own Cameron put together:

Cameron Dadd is an eighteen-year-old freelance graphic designer who lives in the most isolated city on our planet. He does have a small collection, but it’s as yet unavailable online, however, there’s Leviathan here: which, inspired by Cameron’s work, was created by a good friend of his called Carlo – looks like something Dragon put together!

11 thoughts on “Gridlinked the Movie.

  1. The Leviathan is not my own piece of work, rather was inspired of my work, and was created by a good friend of mine, Carlo, whose Deviant account is mentioned.

    Just need to clear that up – Credit where credit's due.

  2. I'm afraid I couldn't find anyone else who looked unnaturally beautiful and could pull off psychotic quite like DeCaprio. I too cringe everytime I see it.

    And I made it.

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