I wandered up the pub yesterday to meet a chap who lives on the other side of Maldon. He was in at the start buying a first edition of Gridlinked and ever since buys my books when they first come out and gets them signed by me. It has become something of a tradition. This was also the first time for me to see a copy of this, and very nice it is too.

Neal Asher takes on first contact, Polity style. This original novel recounts the first contact between the aggressive Prador aliens, and the Polity Collective as it is forced to retool its society to a war footing. The overwhelming brute force of the Prador dreadnaughts causes several worlds and space stations to be overrun. Prador Moon follows the initial Polity defeats, to the first draws, and culminates in what might be the first Polity victory, told from the point of view of two unlikely heroes. Cover by Bob Eggleton.

Trade Paperback Here on amazon.

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  1. this, of course, makes me insanely jealous. 8)
    Prador was great, by the way.

    i doubt i am going to be able to wait for next summer. i may have to post the whole batch of works to you for signing, including Mason's Rats, Fools Mate and all the rest. ;p

  2. Kirby, plenty of time – I don't plan on shuffling off my mortal coil just yet!

    Martin, yes, I had some words with them about that.

    Tony, well, perhaps it's too enjoyable and not 'literary' enough.

    Irena, I hope you enjoy the rest. It seems an addictive experience for many…

    Ondra, looking forward to seeing the cover of tht Czech edition. But are you talking about the British version?

  3. Just finished it. Without giving ayything 'tall 'way, I can say taht it's a really great read, and that it solves a few of the mysteries from the novels set later in Polity history. It's a very quick read at just over two hundred pages!

    Neal, we should have a review up in a few weeks as I posted teh review copy that Nightshade sent off to reviewer as soon as it came in. (Yes, I bought the copy I read!)

  4. "Kirby, plenty of time – I don't plan on shuffling off my mortal coil just yet!"

    I am going to consider this binding. 8)
    if not legally, at least morally. ;p

  5. I don't know what's going on with the weird comment screens, Jose. Maybe you need to hit the 'remember me' thing on your log-in or something?

    Yes, it is a rather nice cover. Night Shade Books have done a good job. It is apparently selling well too.

  6. Just finished Prador Moon – excellent read, very much enjoyed it. My only grumble is that it was too short, but I suppose you can't have too much of a good thing 😉

  7. Why the 2 to 3 weeks delivery delay on this book at Amazon ? I think you need to have words with your publisher about this too 🙂

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