Japanese Cowl

Ach I just love this. Here’s the Hayakawa edition of Cowl which, being in Japanese, reads from back to front to us then up and down inside. You seriously know your books are going for translation when you see that! I am also highly impressed with the cover picture. It’s quite minimalist but perfectly captures Cowl and his attitude to humanity. Nice one Hayakawa!

7 thoughts on “Japanese Cowl

  1. I totally agree Neal, that is one nice cover. I know I've ranted on before about covers being meaningless and the contents of the book being what you should really be buying and not the pretty picture… but…

  2. Japan is amazing. i go there and pick trash at least one of the days i stay. it's all cute, and exotic-weird. everyone thinks of the things i bring home as exotic treasures. christmas everyday in the bins there.

    best finds: tape deck/amp with guitar cord plug in. weird shirts with meaningless 'engrish' on them. crazy posters.

    a pal found a small guitar. economy is insane in the cities.

    if you haven't gone there yet, Mr Asher, have a blast, info-overload. make sure you fly in with an address of the place you're staying, they will flip if you don't.

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