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Quite a while ago I did a blog post concerning a photographer called Jerry Bauer who took my first ‘author photograph’ (the one here). It seems that there isn’t much about this guy on the Internet and, as a result, I keep getting people contacting me concerning rights to his photographs. They want to be put in contact with his son Jonathan Bauer. Unfortunately I lost contact details through various changes of computer in the past. So, if anyone out there knows those contact details could they please get in touch using the email at the bottom of my biog on the right.

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  1. Dear Neal Asher,

    My name is Belen Iglesias-Arbor, and I am a postgraduate researcher. Did you ever recover or got hold again of the contact details for Jerry Bauer’s sons? I need to request their permission to reuse two photographs that their late father took of one of the case-study authors in my PhD thesis, so that it can be incorporated into my university’s electronic repository.

    I look forward to your reply, and I thank you very much in advance for any kind of assistance you may provide me in this matter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Belen Iglesias-Arbor

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