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June 1st
Morning views from my terrace. The first two to the left and forward, and then to the right where there used to be a nice old stone building. . . Funny, in a village a few miles down the road some people had all sorts of trouble with the ‘archaeology people’ because they had to renovate their house in keeping with the village. This obviously doesn’t apply in my village.

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June 5th

The garden has achieved gardenness and now it’s time for another sideline: renovating a chair. I blame Ian M Banks ‘Use of Weapons’ for this obsession.

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The start of my walk. I really should have taken pictures of the broom when it was fully in flower. Stunning.

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June 6th
Iced glass in Revans Bar.

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Another day of garden and then kayak – recent other work (writing) I dispatched yesterday. Time to get on with some short stories now everything is running smoothly. Meanwhile I’m drinking a beer and watching the pirate ship come in.

June 7th
Chair progress. It looks a bit crap at the moment but the final product will be good.

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Yay! New seat for the kayak I must road test today. Thanks for dealing with the order Revans Bar!

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June 11th
Been bollixed by what seems to be a bladder infection but, in retrospect, now seems likely to be lower back and groin pain as a result of exercising like I was in my 30s and not my 50s. So rather than kayak 10k or mountain walk 12k I stayed in my house to relax. This of course meant 20 to 30 hours of painting and cleaning inside. I think I have an off button, but I’m not sure where it is. I am now in Revans Bar for a pre prandial drink.

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Meanwhile, the chair has also advanced. No human bones or skin included yet but some local bamboo. It amuses me to see this stuff everywhere knowing how much one must pay for it in a UK garden centre.

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Busy in the Gabbiano, nice to see Stelios is busy.

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June 14th
Chair completed (though I may have to do something with the feet). Okay, I’m running out of jobs to keep me from the keyboard. I’ll start with a blog post and move onto a short story.

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It looks lovely but is a bad day for kayaking. The North wind is blowing, hopping over Makrigialos, hitting further out and either direction up the coast. Last time I went out in this I ended up hanging in the anchor rope of the moored ‘Pirate ship’ wondering how the hell to get to the beach. Tha kolimbiso simera, that is to say I will swim today.

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Amazing. I’m half hearing a couple talking nearby. The guy is fascinating the woman with football anecdotes and stuff about what Brian Clough said. All I can say is that the glue must be hormones.
It was probably not a sensible move after a nice meal with copious wine with friends to hit the gin and tonics at Revans Bar. Ah well, life continues its learning curve.
June 15th
Windy yesterday and I swam instead of kayaking, even then I was finding myself getting blown out to sea. Even windier today with chairs attempting to take flight from my terrace, so I stayed home, wrote 2,000 words of a blog post, then did one of those ten minute jobs that takes two hours and requires a barrowload of tools. Now in Revans Bar where Yorgos has been putting down the umbrellas while beer crates have been crashing over in the entrance corridor come wind tunnel.
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But all things considered. I’m sitting here in a T-shirt and not in the least cold. And the view isn’t bad from Revans.
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June 17th
Obviously a discussion about breakfast in Revans the night before last stuck in my mind. I all but inhaled this one.
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Just a light breeze at sea while I was having breakfast so off I rush to get ready for kayaking. And now I return and the North wind has kicked in again. I guess I’ll have to swim. Such problems so many wish they had.
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June 18th
Okay, back on track. I’ve just completed a 4,000+ word blog post which I’ll put up next time I’m down here with the laptop and made a start on a short story. Unsurprisingly it begins with a guy out on a kayak. No idea where it will go, but that’s part of the fun. I must hit this stuff every day now for the 2,000 words a day count. καλό απόγευμα!
June 20th
Yeah. Better than gin and tonic. . .
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And today the dragon on the mountain is as clear as ever.
June 24th
Objectives achieved. This morning it was to write 2,000 words of a short story, this afternoon to kayak, and during the last miles back the objective is as below.
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Kostis Platakis club sandwich in Revans. One has to recharge the batteries!
June 25th
Ah well, start with a few bits and pieces that might make an interesting short story, 10,000 words on and as ever the story is not looking so short. But good stuff: I’m doing my 2,000 words a day.
June 26th
Refuelling at the Gabbiano. Only at about 7 this evening did I note my total food intake was a small bowl of nuts and another of crisps. With beer. After a 10k kayak. But I’m a good boy: I wrote my 2,000 words this morning.
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June 28th
And once again what starts out as a short story idea has grown in the telling. Okay, dangerous predators on an alien world where evolution has been accelerated soon turns into predators with traits that cannot be evolved, on a world cut off by the beginning of the prador-human war, with a dodgy biophysicist who may want to do something radical with human evolution. And on past 14,000 words etc.
June 29th
Well that was a dirty trick. Too windy to kayak so I swam. Meanwhile the buoys I was aiming for were taken in because of the wind. This added maybe a quarter of a mile before I realised the buggers were gone.
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