Kinda Catching Up…

As the result of various computer problems, and a tendency to take the easier route of sticking stuff up on Facebook, I haven’t posted much here about my return to Crete this year.

Okay, I came back on April 5th to find my garden in it’s usual parlous state. This has never been a problem to me because I always look forward to the chance to get on with doing some stuff outside.

The weather, as I noted in a previous post, wasn’t that great back then and I ran my stove for longer than usual. That same weather was of course a lot better than in Britain and didn’t much prevent me getting into my usual routine of mountain walks. I also took up the mantle of ‘personal trainer’ for my next-door neighbour Anna, who last year was teaching me Greek. She’s been walking with me three times a week and gradually extending her range. Note the first picture here those who read this blog lasts year. This was one of the areas burned down to the soil last July (I think).

By May I there was no more need to wear jeans while walking, though they went on in the evenings. I was also ready to exact my revenge on my brother Bob and his wife Christine. They came out here 7 years ago with the strange idea that Caroline and I had been walking lots in the mountains and were very fit. They’d trained themselves up for some walking. Meanwhile Caroline and I had been training with carafes of wine and cigarettes down in the bars of Makrigialos. One walk we went on with them left me so knackered I collapsed on a sofa and fell asleep directly afterwards. Anyway, we walked most days of their holiday here and, annoyingly, they did fine.

Later, because Christine had read the book The Island by Victoria Hislop, we took a trip to said island of Spinalunga.

I took my kayak out just a few times in April, but my trips in it steadily increased throughout May. I did, at one point, take out a waterproof camera but, unfortunately, it wasn’t proof against the shaking of the kayak and most of the pictures I took were blurred. Disappointing.

Those of you reading this because it is the blog of an SF writer I am afraid I have to disappoint. I’m not back on that horse yet. Things have, however, taken a very interesting turn in that area, but I am not yet at liberty to talk about that…  

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